Measuring and analysing

In order to ensure the flatness of your forklift truck fleet, it is important to accurately measure the existing floor's profile.

Due to the fact that the precision of previously available measuring equipment was inadequate, our engineers have developed the FloorProfiler.  This revolutionary device allows us to measure warehouse floors with levels of accuracy previously unimaginable, and then process the results with specially designed software.  The results are 100% reliable and immediately accessible.

Based on the data we calculate, a tailor-made proposal will be provided, guaranteeing a cost effective solution for the perfect operation of your forklift trucks.

Secured software, tailor-made

Our tailor-made and secure software enables you to download the measurements taken by the FloorProfiler into your own computer and process the results immediately following the survey.

The report will be available immediately in the form of graphics, within which surpassed tolerances are shown and tables that give you a continuous overview of the measurements as they are recorded.

100 % reliable measuring results

The design of our software is secure and cannot be manipulated - and it has been certified by an acknowledged institution.  The survey results are 100% reliable and the calculation of the respective coefficients based on solid grounds for an objective and reliable proposal.