In the field of grinding, the FloorShaver is the machine with the most highly developed technology that the market has to offer. Developed by a team of engineers within our company, this machine is thé solution to grind your warehouse floors fast, safe and comfortable. Strong benefits are its precision combined with a grinding speed that hasn't been seen before with a very economical price per meter handled.

The end result is a warehouse floor with an unseen flatness, which allows optimal performance of your fleet of forklift trucks.

With over 25 years of international experience, our team of experts have developed the FloorShaver in order to meet your needs.

The FloorShaver's results are unique and unrivalled :

  • it works 100% automatically and is controlled without interference by the human hand. This guarantees utmost precision with consistency in quality
  • it operates without a combution engine, and is therefore a much more environmentally friendly solution
  • it operates without applying hydraulic oil
  • it creates very little noise
  • it is extremely flexible and can be used for application under the most difficult circumstances
  • it is Compact and fast, minimizing the time needed for preparation
  • it has a high capacity - every FloorShaver can grind up to 100 meters per day.