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In order to guarantee a perfectly smooth operation of your fleet of forklift trucks, absolutely flat warehouse floors are necessary. To meet this challenge we offer our clients a complete solution:





In the field of grinding, the FloorShaver is the machine with the most highly developed technology that the market has to offer. Developed by a team of engineers within our company, this machine is thé solution to grind your warehouse floors fast, safe and comfortable. Strong benefits are its precision combined with a grinding speed that hasn't been seen before with a very economical price per meter handled.

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Measuring and analysing



In order to ensure the flatness of your forklift truck fleet, it is important to accurately measure the existing floor's profile.

Due to the fact that the precision of previously available measuring equipment was inadequate, our engineers have developed the FloorProfiler. This revolutionary device allows us to measure warehouse floors with levels of accuracy previously unimaginable, and then process the results with specially designed software.  The results are 100% reliable and immediately accessible.

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Finishing services




We also have a variety of finishing services from which you can choose (repair of joints, installation of a guidance system, sealer application, etc).

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